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COVID-19. A microscopic nucleocapsid containing a single-stranded RNA genome has changed human life on planet Earth and become our biggest concern. The only way to fight it is by isolation, avoiding contact avoids spreading the disease. Governments impose locksdowns across the globe to all population whilst our health systems crumble to support those infected.

It’s not a Black Mirror episode. It’s not the latest Sci-Fi/Horror movie. It’s reality and it’s happening to us all. Except it feels like a bad dream, a sort of surreal nightmare we’ll wake up soon.

Out of my need to scream, to create, to share my feelings during this (long to be) lockdown, to document this extraordinary phase in my life, and perhaps out of boredom too I’ve started this little project. - 20200410 - 5.jpg
Day 30

Another dark, grey Saturday morning. Having a coffee and browsing through Flickr to see what my fellow photography friends have been capturing in these unnerving times.

Camera: Sony A7 + Zeiss 55mm f1.8
Soundtrack: Max Richter - Return 16 (time capsule) - 20200410 - 6.jpg
Day 29 (4 of 4)

Pizza. Brings me back to a comfy place. Still running my Friday ceremony, unchanged. It’s time for another Devs episode. One of the most interesting shows I’ve recently seen.

Camera: Ricoh GR III
Soundtrack: Ben Salisbury - The visualisation Chamber (DEVS OST) - 20200410 - 4.jpg
Day 29 (3 of 4)

Coming back from the supermarket. It feels so weird to drive through empty streets. My poor car needs to go through its annual check. Hold on just a bit more!!

Camera: Ricoh GR III
Soundtrack: Ben Salisbury - All Possible Worlds (DEVS OST) - 20200410 - 3.jpg
Day 29 (2 of 4)

Friday. Time to go and get some groceries. Feeling the urge to capture something outside I just look up while crossing a park and capture the grey sky full of branches.

Camera: Ricoh GR III
Soundtrack: Ben Salisbury - Amaya’s Theme (Version 2, DEVS OST) - 20200410 - 2.jpg
Day 29 (1 of 4)

Taking the opportunity of being secluded home to wear my iphone naked. I’ve always loved the design behind the iPhone but I’ve been wary of using it unprotected in the outside world. Being home is easier to manage. It’s a pity that the iPhone 11 Pro is one of the ugliest design iterations from Apple.

Camera: Ricoh GR III
Soundtrack: The Insects - Predetermined (DEVS OST) - 20200408 - 2.jpg
Day 27

About to start a mini-Easter (forced) staycation. Good spirits thanks to the wonderful new mix of The Comeback Kid by The Midnight (my favourite electro group of the moment). Just bought their single (all profits go to their support stuff on the road) in wonderful 24bit res, playing in the Sony ZX507, plus Sony MDR-1AM Mark IIs via Balanced output. Glorious.

Camera: Sony RX-1
Soundtrack: The Midnight - The Comeback Kid (Isolation Relief Mix) - 20200405 - 1.jpg
Day 24

Another week starts. Time to fold my blanket and go back to work. Keeping in touch with my family concurrently.

Camera: Sony RX-1
Soundtrack: Shallou - Silhouettes - 20200405 - 11.jpg
Day 23

Time for some coffee from my trusty Alessi 9090. Best coffee machine you could ever get. A staple of my lockdown days.

Camera: Sony RX-1
Soundtrack: Trapezoid - Tal - 20200404 - 10.jpg
Day 23

Fell sleep in the couch and woke up to a bright morning. It really feels like a tale from the loop.

Camera: Ricoh GR III
Soundtrack: Philip Glass + Paul Leonard-Morgan - Walk to School - 20200403 - 8.jpg
Day 22

Starting to watch a new show in Amazon Prime, Tales from the Loop. Episode one was brilliant.

One side effect of confinement has been my inability to choose the wine and beer I like for the weekend. I shop my groceries online and they never guarantee the exact brand you'll get. It's always a surprise, which is bad, and sometimes good. When an unexpected bottle of wine is as good as this one ;-)

Camera: Canon EOS M6 Mark II + EF-M 22mm f2.0
Soundtrack:Philip Glass + Paul Leonard-Morgan - Tales from the Loop - 20200404 - 9.jpg
Day 22

After a really bad week (weather, and all) sun is shining again today.. as if it wants to give some room for hope. I'm still chasing sun rays.

Camera: Ricoh GR III
Soundtrack: Tomita - Arabesque No.1 - 20200403 - 7.jpg
Day 21

It's Friday again. Third week in this lockdown. Some mildly positive news from Spanish government today (although we'll still be in lockdown for weeks!). I thought it was time for this specific bottle. This is one of my favourite beers and, perhaps, the one that got me into beers. I've been saving this bottle for a special moment. This is it.

Camera: Canon EOS M6 Mark II + EF-M 22mm f2.0
Soundtrack: Stan Getz/João Gilberto - Vivo Sonhando - 20200403 - 6.jpg
Day 20

My usual uniform these days. In the little corner where I spent most of my working day. My Cat in the Hat pants always make me smile. So happy I got them in my last trip to Universal Orlando.

Camera: Canon EOS M6 Mark II + EF-M 22mm f2.0
Soundtrack: Ólafur Arnalds - Partial (choir version) - 20200402 - 5.jpg
Day 20

Night. Quiet. Swapped my work PC laptop to my home Mac. Reading the news. Tired.

Camera: Canon EOS M6 Mark II + EF-M 22mm f2.0
Soundtrack: Ólafur Arnalds - Partial (choir version) - 20200331 - 4.jpg
Day 19

Another week started. It feels the same day once and again. The non-stop rain and cold on the outside doesn't help with the mood. Not really.

Camera: Sony RX-1
Soundtrack: Fennesz & Ryuichi Sakamoto - Haru - 20200329 - 3.jpg
Day 18

I just realised that I still had my winter lights on my living room table. I think I'll need to store these and bring the Spring/Summer lights!

Camera: Sony RX-1
Soundtrack: Pat Metheny Group - A Change in Circumstance - 20200328 - 2.jpg
Day 16 (Night)

During this period I've been buying my groceries online, with car pickup. You buy what you need, then go with the car to the supermarket and they give you bags with your shopping. There's a caveat, there might be some slight differences in your bags based on product availability. I ordered a few different beers but all I got is this Mediterranean IPA. Don't get me wrong. I love Complot IPA, but it's getting a little bit boring after so many weeks with the same. Anyway, it's Saturday night, so this is more than fine.

Camera: Sony RX-1
Soundtrack: Dave Brubeck Quartet - Take Five - 20200328 - 1.jpg
Day 16

Another weekend is starting. Creating some Vitamin D from the window, along with my much beloved ultra-violet band.

Camera: Sony RX-1
Soundtrack: Torcuato Mariano - Sol Do Sertão - 20200327 - 6.jpg
Day 15

It’s Friday again. Two full weeks in lockdown now. Some uneasy news from work yesterday, and multiple calls today, as usual. I’m tired. Hopefully I can recharge during the weekend. I got another supermarket adventure planned for Saturday. And tons of streaming recommendations plus Disney+ for the weekend. What else I could want? Right? :-/

Camera: Sony Cybershot RX-1
Soundtrack: Agnes Obel - Parliament of Owls - 20200326 - 4.jpg
Day 14

After some shitty weather days, a few rays of sun appear again in my window. I chase them, I treasure them, I need them. My Grinchmas pijamas bring me joy of past fun, are super-comfy, and warm.

Camera: Fujifilm X-T30
Soundtrack: Hélène Grimaud - Breathing Light - 20200325 - 3.jpg
Day 13

Having a birthday party in isolation. It’s my partner in life birthday today. He’s far away, stuck in a foreign country, trying to come back to Spain. It’s sad to be apart. We had great plans for this day. But it’s beyond our control. We’re having fun with remote cocktails, whatsapp chats and facetime. It’s all we can do, and it’s ok. We promise ourselves to celebrate as it deserves as soon as we can. It’s going to be GRAND.

Camera: Fujifilm X-T30
Soundtrack: Pink Martini - Donde estás Yolanda - 20200324 - 2.jpg
Day 12

I’ve been planning this shot for a couple of days. An adventure. Would I venture to the streets to capture a picture? We’re supposed to be in full lockdown by now, and taking pictures is not a valid reason to be in the streets. But I need to spice my days. It’s all planned. I set my Ricoh GR ready for the shot, put it in my coat, drop the garbage, drop the glass in the recycle bin, and then… put myself in the middle of the street and quickly shoot. It was fun… and sad, no signs of human life indeed.

Camera: Ricoh GR III
Soundtrack: Anne Müller. Drifting Circles - 20200324 - 1.jpg
Day 11

Another week, more work to do. Microsoft Teams and Outlook being my most used tools these days. But, working from home is not a big departure of my “normal” life, as all my colleagues live outside Spain so I’m very trained for this situation. I wonder how they’re dealing with this, it must be tough for them relying on chats, emails and conference calls for even the smallest chitchat with a colleague. Or, perhaps not?

Camera: Fujifilm X-T30 + XF 35mm f1.4
Soundtrack: Ólafur Arnalds - For now I am Winter (Nils Frahm Remix) - 20190323 - 1.jpg
Day 10

Few sun rays enter my apartment. It's been cloudy for the last 10 days so this is an appreciated change.

We're advised that our lockdown will extend for 2 additional weeks. Somehow I maintain the morale after the news. Secondary effect of those sun rays?

Camera: Fujifilm X100F
Soundtrack: Michael Manring - Not even the summer - 20200321 - 5.jpg
Day 9

It's Saturday. Still pretty ugly weather and bad news. It's decided, I'm starting this project. I hope it'll help me cope with all this.

Camera: Ricoh GR III
Soundtrack: Max Richter - Departure (Lullaby) played by Olivia Belli - 20200320 - 4.jpg
Day 8

It's Friday.

I stick to my Friday's routine trying to evade reality. Beer, Pizza and TV Shows. I got these bottles of Kasteel beer before imagining any of these would be happening. I surprise myself remembering the day I bought them.

Camera: Ricoh GR III
Soundtrack: Snorri Hallgrímsson - Chasing the Present - 20200319 - 3.jpg
Day 7

Today starts Spring.

Usually marks the beginning of the best part of the year for me. This year I have to watch it from my window. It's a grey cloudy day, as if Spring resists to come in our current situation. I long so much for better times to come.

Camera: Fujifilm X-T2 + XF 56mm f1.2
Soundtrack: Mychael Danna - Sky 7 - 20200317 - 2.jpg
Day 5

Today is St. Patrick's day.

I didn't even realised it. I have a FaceTime with my family and my brother reminds us all. It's St. Patrick's. He was meant to be playing concerts with his folk music group.

Having a beer sounds like a good plan. For a tiny wee while I'm close to happy. It all felt down when I remembered St. Patrick's of the past. At least I still have my beer.

Camera: Canon EOS M6 Mark II + EF-M 22mm f2
Soundtrack: Kevin Braheny & Tim Clark - The Hills of Home - 20200317 - 1.jpg
Day 4

4 days in isolation.

I was in close contact with a potential positive case so I decided to start self-isolation, a couple of days before it's mandated to all population.

Last few days have been a routine of sleep, eat, work from home... totally paralysed. Unable to react. Today I feel the urge to take my camera and capture something, to portray what my life has become. I start capturing notes. Do I have a project in mind? Not sure.

Camera: Canon EOS M6 Mark II + EF-M 22mm f2
Soundtrack: Max Richter - The Twins (played by Olivia Belli)